Additional services offered by Hoodpros

 Dryer Vent Cleaning    Commercial and Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning  

Exhaust fan hinge kits

Exhaust fan hinge kits are designed to help eliminate damage and/or injury to your fan, electrical wiring, expensive roof membrane, and cleaning contractor. These are a requirement per NFPA #96, and most all professional cleaning contractors.


Roof grease containment solutions

We offer many options, and solutions, to help protect your roof, and/or establishment, from damaging grease leaking from exhaust fans. Call and talk to our staff today, and we will find the best solution for your grease containment needs.



Grease Baffle Filters

From Aluminum, Galvanized, and Stainless steel. We sell all sizes of grease baffle filters to fit your specific restaurant hood, and or situation. Filters when properly cleaned, and without missing baffles or plugged drain holes, help remove grease before it enters the plenum. Filters also work as a flame block for the plenum, and ducts themselves.


Sales, Service & Installation


Call Hoodpros today for pricing, and availability     207-446-8434



Belts & Motors

We sell, and install belts and motors, for all types of exhaust fans at a reasonable prices




Exhaust Fans

Old exhaust fan making noises or quit working? We sell and install new restaurant exhaust fans.  Call for more info, or for service


 7/24  Emergency  Repairs
 If you need an Emergency repair or parts ,or perhaps you need your system cleaned  ASAP  Hoodpros
can provide the solutions.


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